Election 2017 – Where do your local candidates stand on disability-selective abortion?

If a new Bill similar to Lord Shinkwin’s Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill is tabled in the next Parliament, regardless of what house it is tabled in, it will need to proceed through the House of Commons where it will be voted on by MPs to become law.

A vote on this Bill is likely to be a conscience issue for most parties, so your local MP’s position on this issue would be of importance to a Bill on this issue passing.

If this issue is of importance you, it could therefore be worth contacting your local prospective parliamentary candidates to ask them how they would vote if a Bill similar to Lord Shinkwin’s Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill was again tabled in Parliament.

This can be done by emailing them or if you see them in person, asking them something along these lines:

  • Do you support disability equality? If elected, would you support legislation to ensure disability equality before birth?

You may also want to link to our website in any correspondence so your candidates can read up more on the Bill and the rationale for bringing it forward.

Democracy Club have put together an easy to use tool called Who Can I Vote For which allows you to find your contact details for your local candidates so you can email them separately.

If you do hear back from your candidates on where they would vote on disability equality, please do send on their responses to us (contact@allequal.org.uk) as this will be helpful for determining numbers for any future Bill’s on this issue in Parliament.

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