Why are you supporting Lord Shinkwin’s Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill?

We need to clearly show Peers in the House of Lords why this Bill is so important and why they need to support the passage of the Bill though the House of Lords.

Bearing this in mind, Lord Shinkwin is collecting short letters from people with disabilities and their families that he will be sending onto Peers ahead of Friday to show to Peers how this Bill, if it becomes law, is going to positively impact the lives of people living with disabilities and their families.

We have have offered to help out Lord Shinkwin with collecting these letters and this is where you come in.

If you have time in the next 48 hours (ie by Wednesday evening but the earlier the better) and you are someone who has a disability or have a parent/family member who has a disability, we have set-up a section on our website where you can submit your letter – we will then be sending these onto Lord Shinkwin who in turn will be sending them onto Peers. Lord Shinkwin also may mention excerpts from some of these testimonies in his speech on Friday. Please note that he will not be sharing your name or contact details in the letters that are sent onto Peers or in his speech.

In terms of what to cover in your short letter, we have put together some points below that may help. Where possible, please keep these as brief as possible as Lord Shinkwin is going to have many to read through and wants to ensure that he can get through as many as possible in this short period of time.

Are you happy for your testimony to be shared with peers? *

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Your testimony

Areas you may want to cover in your letter:

  • Why are you supporting Lord Shinkwin's Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill?
  • Why do you feel we need a change in the law in this area?
  • Please elaborate and if comfortable with sharing, detail why the Bill is particularly relevant/important to you, your child or another family member. Include your personal testimony/story here.
  • While your personal testimony is most important to share here, you are also welcome to draw on statistics and other evidence from our homepage here which details key rationale for a change in the law.


Your Testimony

Detail the following in letter format to Peers: